29.08.2014 Construction work at the Luthergarten Andreasbreite

Next to the nice flowering trees in the Luthergarten digger and trucks moved in temporary. There is a lot of work going on, but the result will be great. Currently the so called ‘Andreasbreite’, this area where also the Luthergarten is located, will be redesigned. In this context, the oval path around the Luthergarten will be completed until the end of this year, so that the ellipse, the shape of the Luthergarten, will be clearly recognizable. Also the surrounding hedge will be planted.

Opposite the Luthergarten, there is active construction as well.  The railway station  ’Altstadtbahnhof’ will be modernized. Later, starting from that point, there will be new route guidance into the town. Arriving by train in Wittenberg 'Altstadtbahnhof' the routes leads directly through the Luther Garden towards the marketplace.

Zentrum Luthergarten

Next plantings: