23.07.2014 Reopening of the Playground at the Luthergarten Andreasbreite

At the playground next to the Luther Garden, the construction is done. Now again, you can hear children's laughter in there. Under the motto “Microcosms” children of all ages are able to discover the nature world. High wood-grasses extend into the air and serve as beams for the climbing frames, which are fanciful arranged out of sturdy robinia wood.

Many bystanders and a lot of little climbers had come, when the playground was officially reopened on July 23rd.  "We sincerely thank all the companies and individuals who have financially supported the renovation of this playground,” the Mayor Eckhard Naumann said in his speech. Together with landscape architect Dr. Andreas Kipar and the director of the LWF Center Wittenberg they took the scissors, cut the ribbon and declared the playground open.

Zentrum Luthergarten

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