18.02.2015 The Luthergarten grows - New location: Luthergarten New Town Hall

Luthergarten with both locations in the ramparts of Wittenberg

When the first trees in the Luthergarten were adopted Nov. 1, 2009, by representatives of churches, it was not yet clear what significance this Reformation project would have. To date, representatives from 80 countries and many denominations have been welcomed. Besides Lutherans, also Methodists, Anglicans, Mennonites, Catholics, Orthodox, Presbyterian and Reformed have participated in the project. Together, they give a living testimony to the reconciled community in which churches live today.

“500 Years of Reformation  - 500 trees in Wittenberg " - this is an ambitious goal! To reach that goal, the Luthergarten has to be growing continuously. So far, the first Luthergarten site (Luthergarten Andreasbreite) has 292 trees.  All these trees already have been assigned to sponsors.

We are pleased that the Luthergarten continues to grow. A second site is therefore being developed - the Luthergarten at the New Town Hall. This location, too, is in the green belt where ramparts once encircled the town of Wittenberg. There, not far from the Town and Castle churches, another 106 trees have been planted. Therefore, participation by churches in this ecumenical Reformation project is still possible.

More information about the Luthergarten locations can be found here: The Luthergarten - Site plan

Luthergarten Andreasbreite

Luthergarten New Town Hall

Zentrum Luthergarten

Next plantings:

June 16 Church congregations Twelf Apostles in Sarstedt rural and in Liebertwolkwitz, Germany
June 21 Ev. Youht Congregation Berlin North-East, Jürgen-Maue-Stiftung
June 23 Immanuel Luth. Church in Bellevue, Nebraska, USA
Aug 12 Ev. Lutheran Churches in the Himalayan States, India
Aug 25 Ev. Luth. Congregation Jakobuskirche in Pesterwitz, Germany
Aug 29 The Ev. Lutheran Church of Ingria in Russia
Sept 12 Ev. Luth. church district Bautzen-Kamenz, Germany and Ev. Luth. church district Orenburg, Russia
Sept 12 Faith Luth. Chruch in Sarasota, Florida, USA
Sept 12 Rapidan Luth. Parish in Orange/Madison, Virginia, USA
Sept 29 Ev. Luth. Congregation Hirschfeld, Germany
Sept 29 Ev. Luth. Congregation Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sept 29  Ev. german speaking congregation Emmaus, Belgium and Cath. congregation St. Paulus in Brussels
Sept 30 Ev. Luth Congregationen Bethanienkirche in Leipzig-Schleußig, Germany
Sept 30 British ecumenical St. Peter´s Church , Barker Barracks, Paderborn, Germany
  Further tree plantings are possible from the end of August 2018 onwards. There are only a few trees available. Please register your interest now.
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