08.03.2015 Participants of the 11th International Seminar of the LWF visited the Luthergarten and planted nine additional trees

From February 28 until March 14, 2015, twenty pastors from around the world traveled to Luther´s Wittenberg. Under the direction of professors Dr. Timothy Wengert (United States) and Dr. Paulus Ndamanomhata (Namibia), they concentrated on the theme "Scripture, preaching, teaching”, focusing on the roots of Lutheran identity, faith, and tradition and also visiting the Luther sites. Present were pastors from Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, Cameroon, Guyana, Brazil, United States, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia and Hungary. The discussions were exciting and enriching---an intense experience of the living Lutheran community for all participants.

Nine pastors took the opportunity to plant trees in the Luthergarten, an unique Reformation project of the Lutheran World Federation.

Pastor Selma Nafuka visits Germany for the first time, experiencing that very place that is so defining for her faith. She planted a tree on behalf of all three Lutheran churches in her home country of Namibia:

- The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN)
- Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN)
- Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN-GELC)

Pastor Anupama Hial, India: "Planting a tree in memory of the beginnings of the Reformation would remind us of the zeal with which the missionaries worked with passion and compassion for proclaiming and demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ way back in 17th & 18th Centuries and, in turn, would pave the way for furtherance of the ministry of Love, Peace and Justice in the world. Church History teaches us many lessons; becoming a small part of that history is a privilege provided by God Almighty with a purpose; living and creating history is a challenge with responsibility on our shoulders. For a Dalit woman priest-cum-theologian from Jeypore Evangelical Lutheran Church, India, to be present and participate in Luther's Garten is both a privilege from and a promise to God. Today, with thankful heart, I rededicate myself as a disciple of Christ to creatively relate to the process of continued Reformation of the Church and transformation of society!"

Further churches adopted a tree:

- Hong Kong and Macau Lutheran Church
- The Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria
- Church of the Lutheran Brethren of Cameroon
- West Virginia-Western Maryland Synod (Ev.-Luth. Church in America)
- Lower Susquehanna Synod (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)
- Diocese Ribe (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark)
- Diocese Roskilde (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark)

Zentrum Luthergarten

Next plantings:

March 11 Ev. Luth. Church in Sierra Leone
March 16 Lutheran Campus Ministry in Clemson, South Carolina, USA
June 16 Church congregations Twelf Apostles in Sarstedt rural and in Liebertwolkwitz, Germany
June 23 Immanuel Luth. Church in Bellevue, Nebraska, USA6
  Further tree plantings are presumably possible from the end of August 2018 onwards. There are only a few trees available. Please register your interest now.

Luthergarten Schlosskirche

Each euro allows the Luthergarten to grow!

It is not possible for all churches to raise the entire amount for the tree planting. But we do not want to exclude any church, particularly in this worldwide and ecumenical project. With your donation, you can help these churches to participate in the unique project Luthergarten.

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