08.05.2015 Fruits of the trees in the Luthergarten will be used by the Protestant School in Wittenberg

In late summer when time to harvest comes you can admire them – the fruits of the 80 fruit trees in Luthergarten. Aglow yellow quinces, red apples, blue plums, haws, and even pears from a Melanchthon pear tree will mature. To make use out of the fruits on May 13th, 2015 an agreement was signed between the Protestant school „Philipp Melanchthon“  and the LWF Center Wittenberg. This happened during devotion in the Luthergarten with music and songs. About 100 students including a guitar group took part.

Now, the school is allowed to harvest the fruits. Whether these fruits will become “Luther jam” or will be eaten freshly during the morning break – we will see. In addition the Luthergarten is an ideal place for the students to enjoy nature, to preserve the creation and to experience internationality and ecumenism. In this way the international and ecumenical monument for the Reformation jubilee becomes a strong part of the daily life in Wittenberg.

Zentrum Luthergarten

Next plantings:

June 16 Church congregations Twelf Apostles in Sarstedt rural and in Liebertwolkwitz, Germany
June 21 Ev. Youht Congregation Berlin North-East, Jürgen-Maue-Stiftung
June 23 Immanuel Luth. Church in Bellevue, Nebraska, USA
Aug 12 Ev. Lutheran Churches in the Himalayan States, India
Aug 25 Ev. Luth. Congregation Jakobuskirche in Pesterwitz, Germany
Aug 29 The Ev. Lutheran Church of Ingria in Russia
Sept 12 Ev. Luth. church district Bautzen-Kamenz, Germany and Ev. Luth. church district Orenburg, Russia
Sept 12 Faith Luth. Chruch in Sarasota, Florida, USA
Sept 12 Rapidan Luth. Parish in Orange/Madison, Virginia, USA
Sept 29 Ev. Luth. Congregation Hirschfeld, Germany
Sept 29 Ev. Luth. Congregation Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sept 29  Ev. german speaking congregation Emmaus, Belgium and Cath. congregation St. Paulus in Brussels
Sept 30 Ev. Luth Congregationen Bethanienkirche in Leipzig-Schleußig, Germany
Sept 30 British ecumenical St. Peter´s Church , Barker Barracks, Paderborn, Germany
  Further tree plantings are possible from the end of August 2018 onwards. There are only a few trees available. Please register your interest now.
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