24.11.2015 Artist Richard Radtke presents check for the Luthergarten

In December 2013, Wittenberg artist Richard Radtke unveiled his masterpiece “Wittenberg – City of the Reformation” to the public. It is a unique artwork – not an ordinary picture; it is not painted but oxidized. About 4,000 layers of gold leaf, silver leaf and copper leaf were needed for the complex creation of the artwork, which measures 200 x 140 cm (a little larger than 4 x 6 feet). The total of the material expenses is about 10,000 Euros. This unique townscape can be seen in the Tourist Information in Wittenberg. In 2017, the masterpiece will be offered in a public auction. In addition to the oxidized image, the artist also offers a limited edition of the Reformation picture with a hand-gilded Luther (24 carat), as well as inexpensive prints. Also special is that Mr Radtke donates 25 percent of the proceeds from the sale of all his artwork to support the Luthergarten, and many works of art have changed hands. So it was a very special day, when Richard Radtke presented a check for 1,000 Euros to the director of the LWF Center Wittenberg on November 24, 2015.

Many thanks to Mr. Radtke for this commitment and continued support of the Luthergarten project!

Zentrum Luthergarten

Next plantings:

March 11 Ev. Luth. Church in Sierra Leone
March 16 Lutheran Campus Ministry in Clemson, South Carolina, USA
June 16 Church congregations Twelf Apostles in Sarstedt rural and in Liebertwolkwitz, Germany
June 23 Immanuel Luth. Church in Bellevue, Nebraska, USA6
  Further tree plantings are presumably possible from the end of August 2018 onwards. There are only a few trees available. Please register your interest now.

Luthergarten Schlosskirche

Each euro allows the Luthergarten to grow!

It is not possible for all churches to raise the entire amount for the tree planting. But we do not want to exclude any church, particularly in this worldwide and ecumenical project. With your donation, you can help these churches to participate in the unique project Luthergarten.

Bank details:
Account holder: VELKD/LWB-Zentrum Wittenberg
IBAN: DE75 8006 3598 0000 4556 87
Bank:   Volksbank Wittenberg eG
            Collegienstraße 12
            06886 Lutherstadt
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