Plant a tree

How does one become a tree sponsor?

Churches from all over the world and from every confession are invited to become a tree sponsor in a symbolical act of tree planting in Wittenberg. Each church also agrees to plant another tree in a place prominent for itself, with an inscription noting the connection to the Luthergarten in Wittenberg.

In order to insure a successful planting and, thereby, a successful tree sponsorship, the trees must be of a substantial size. Therefore a local landscaping company is planting the trees that later will be adopted. Each tree sponsor will get a certificate provided by the LWF Center in Wittenberg.

The cost for buying a tree, for caring for it for two years until it takes roots and for providing a tree plaque is 500 euros.

Those interested in participating in the Luthergarten will sign an agreement.

The agreement will ask for information about the tree sponsor in order to provide publicity on the Web site, such as:

  • name and address of sponsor leader of the church or institution number of members Bible quotation number of additionally financed trees

If churches or institutions have an interest in participating, they can use this link to connect with the LWF Center in Wittenberg.

All tree plantings will be recorded on our website at the "list of all trees".

Zentrum Luthergarten

Next plantings:

March 31 Ev. and Catholic Congregations in Oppenweiler, Germany
Apr 8 Martin Luther Congregation in Markkleeberg-West, Germany
Apr 8 St. Johns Ev. Luth. Church in Lindenhorst, New York, USA
Apr 9 Ev. Luth Congregation Dresden-Hosterwitz, Germany
Apr 18 Ev. Congregation Altheim/Alb, Germany
Apr 18 Luth. Campus Ministry, Oregon State University and Grace Lutheran Church Youth
April 18 Ev. Congregation Friedrichshafen, Germany, United Protest. Church in Saint-Die, France
Apr 26 Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oldwick, New Jersey, USA
Apr 26 Church Congregation Daaden, Germany
May 5 Saint Mark´s Lutheran Church in Chirala, A. P., India
May 5 St. Mark´s Lutheran Church in Perala, A. P., India
May 5 Christ the King Lutheran Church in Cary, North Carolina, USA
May 8 Lutheran Congregation of Järvenpää, Finland
May 9 Church of Our Lady in Dresden, Germany
Mai 10 Ev. Luth. Diaconess house Dresden, Germany

Luthergarten Schlosskirche

Each euro allows the Luthergarten to grow!

It is not possible for all churches to raise the entire amount for the tree planting. But we do not want to exclude any church, particularly in this worldwide and ecumenical project. With your donation, you can help these churches to participate in the unique project Luthergarten.

Bank details:
Account holder: VELKD/LWB-Zentrum Wittenberg
IBAN: DE75 8006 3598 0000 4556 87
Bank:   Volksbank Wittenberg eG
            Collegienstraße 12
            06886 Lutherstadt
Purpose: tree planting WB + your name and address