An idea becomes reality

The Reformation that Martin Luther started in Wittenberg spread worldwide. The upcoming Reformation anniversary celebration will effectively bring out this aspect in the town of Wittenberg. In preparation for the 500-year Reformation celebration, the Luthergarten will emerge in different locations on town grounds until 2017.

Luthergarten Andreasbreite

The initial site for the Luthergarten is in the ramparts at the Andreasbreite. Since November 1, 2009, 292 trees have been planted there. At the center of the elliptical garden is a space in the shape of a Luther rose. Between the petals of the Luther Rose, five linden trees have been planted by worldwide Christian communions. From that central place, seven paths symbolically lead into the world. A main path, lined with a row of linden trees, traces a heavenly bow through the garden. On the other avenues, different tree species from five continents are consciously mixed, emphasizing the international character of the project. Between these avenues are meadows with scattered local fruit trees, planted more randomly in contrast to the orderly avenues.

Here are located the trees number 1 – 292.
An accurate list of all tree species and sponsors you can in the “List of all trees”

Luthergarten New Town Hall

The second site for the Luthergarten, with 106 trees, is in the ramparts next to the New Town Hall. The present form of this area reflects the city's history since the conversion of the fortress at the beginning of the 19th century. An area that for long time was used for military purposes is now completely converted by the inclusion of the Luthergarten project. Green spaces are created in the overall structure of the ramparts, where a circular route connects different portions of the Luthergarten within walking distance.

A path lined by Silver Linden trees spans the entire space. Later, a Luther rose will be embedded in the ground at the intersection of two tree avenues.

Here are located the trees number 293 – 398.
An accurate list of all tree species and sponsors you can in the “List of all trees”

Additional locations

Preferably in the range of the old ramparts of the town of Wittenberg additional trees will be planted, so that the total number of woody plants will be 500. The number symbolically stands for the 500 years of Reformation ( 1517-2017 ) .

How the Luthergarten Andreasbreite is developing until 2017 you can learn here: “The garden grows".

Zentrum Luthergarten

Next plantings:

Feb 22 Catholic Diocese of Osnabrück, Germany
Feb 22 Roman Catholic Church Oldenburg, Germany
Feb 22 Ev. Reformed Church in Germany
March 11 Ev. High School Hermannswerder, Germany
March 15 Ev. Luth Congreg. Kreuzkirche Dresden, Germany and Laurenskerk Rotterdam
March 15 Holy Rosary Catholic Church and Hope Lutheran Church, Bozeman, USA
March 15 Luth. Church of St. John in the Heights in Jim Thorpe, USA
March 19 Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa, USA
March 25 Church Districts Burgdorf, Germany and Johannesburg-West, South Africa
March 28 Christian-von-Bomhard School, Uffenheim, Germany
March 31 Ev. and Catholic Congregations in Oppenweiler, Germany
Apr 8 Martin Luther Congregation in Markkleeberg-West, Germany
Apr 8 St. Johns Ev. Luth. Church in Lindenhorst, New York, USA
Apr 9 Ev. Luth Congregation Dresden-Hosterwitz, Germany
Apr 18 Ev. Congregation Altenheim/Alb, Germany
Apr 26 Church Congregation Daaden, Germany
Mai 10 Ev. Luth. Diaconess house Dresden, Germany

Luthergarten Schlosskirche

Each euro allows the Luthergarten to grow!

It is not possible for all churches to raise the entire amount for the tree planting. But we do not want to exclude any church, particularly in this worldwide and ecumenical project. With your donation, you can help these churches to participate in the unique project Luthergarten.

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